The Underworld Web Ring

Well, as you know, this is the homepage for the The Underworld Web Ring... if you don't want to join, then you have no business being here, otherwise, welcome!

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Ok, there are certain rules that you must follow in order to be in the ring:

  • Your page must have more than just links
  • Things on your site must be suitible for people of all ages
  • You must put the html code on your page within 4 days

    This Underworld Web Ring Site is owned by Brandon.
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    Wanna Join?

    Heres the code for the ring:
    You need to replace anything with "--" around it with your own ID, name, or email address

    <center><BR><BR><table><center><img src="" border=0><BR><font face="arial" size="3">This <A HREF="">Underworld Web Ring</A> Site is owned by <A HREF="mailto: --your email--">--your name--</A>.<BR>[<A HREF=";index">List Sites</A>][<A HREF=";id=1;prev">Previous</A>][<A HREF=";id=1;next">Next</A>][<A HREF=";random">Random Site</A>]<BR> Wanna <A HREF=";addform">Join</A>?</center></font></table><p>