About this site

Established: November, 1998
Title: FiReStArTeR's PaGe
Current Subtitle: Majick
Version Number: 4.0
Current Host: Tripod
Previous Hosts: Geocities

Previous versions:
Version 1.0- FiReStArTeR's PaGe
The first version of this page. Mainly used black and red colors. Hosted first at Geocities, then moved to Tripod. A pretty good version in my opinion.

Version 2.0- Mechanical Animals
Decided to use "lighter" colors instead of dark colors like red and black. Now uses blue and white. Currently hosted at Tripod. Shortest lived version to date. Had a picture or Marilyn Manson on the Mechanical Animals cover.

Version 3.0- Tourniquet
Had complaints about that Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals picture.... so I took it down and posted up a different one. Exactly the same as Mechanical Animals, except the version number and title are different.